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Randall Bachner - founder of the label Marrakshi Life - was born in Boston and studied art history. He soon discovered fashion photography and his interest in fashion grew naturally and unconsciously.

In 2013, Bachner opened his first shop in the Medina of Marrakech. He sold unique pieces in collaboration with one local weaver and tailor. Since then, the brand has five looms, 30 weavers and 15 tailors. And the androgynous brand stands out. Not only because of its exclusive nomadic style, but also because of the way Marrakshi Life works. 


Slow fashion

The Moroccan brand has a zero waste policy and there is an unique sense of community in their own workshop. The production process of their fabrics has a low environmental impact; the authentic looms are operated by just two men, producing around ten metres of fabric a day. In short, sustainable pieces manufactured under fair working conditions, from high-quality fabrics that last. 


Unique fabrics

All the fabrics are woven by hand in their own workshop, and none of them come from outside. Because there is no cotton production in Morocco, Marrakshi Life gets the raw cotton material from Turkey and Egypt, which is dyed again in Morocco according to their own colour palette. The dyed yarns are then spun and woven on authentic looms. Finally, all the fabrics are cut and the garments sewn. Pure handicraft and craftsmanship.


Free spirit

The Marrakshi Life oversized shirts, jumpsuits, trousers, caftans and dresses in so-called nomadic style are very easy to wear - loose and flowing, and reminiscent of key pieces from the original Moroccan wardrobe. Yet the collections - through the fabrics and the use of an exclusively chosen colour palette - are strikingly modern. Bachner is inspired by the majestic Moroccan landscapes and - how could it be otherwise - by art. 'We create for free spirits; people who want to feel comfortable in clothes and understand the beauty of what we do'.