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She found her love for fabrics years ago, while working as an interior decorator, and since then it has never left her. Entering the fashion industry by chance, since 2018 Kim Heijster her own label: Ssaar. In our conversation with Kim, we were struck by the extraordinary enthusiasm with which she speaks about her interests, motivations, and the more spiritual elements of life.

Kim’s desire for purposefulness and inner peace are clearly reflected in the designs of Ssaar. In the fast-paced world of today, she has wilfully chosen for simplicity and sober silhouettes. Think loose-fitting clothing of pure linen and cotton. The fabrics are nice to the touch and the fit is invariably comfortable. The colours are, unsurprisingly, always earthy; think beige, taupe, sand, ochre, and gold. This means all the pieces of the collection combine readily with each other. In the words of Ssaar: simplicity is not just powerful but beautiful as well!

Ssaar derived from Sarah; means princess, queen [from Hebrew 'Sjah'] pure, happiness, mother of many nations.