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kassl editions

KASSL Editions is an European project, founded in 2018 by Bart Ramakers and co-founder of the Antwerp store Graanmarkt 13 Ilse Cornelissen, after being inspired by an old fisherman’s coat. What was their ultimate purpose? A collection of one coat in different lengths and in different fabrics and colors. Genderless, seasonless and sizeless. For the final design, the team engaged designer Camille Serra (with three decades of designing under her belt). The coats are made in the German city of Kassel, at a family business where, among other things, high-quality, durable workwear is also made for the national firefighters.

Each coat is handmade and numbered and stamped on the inside, which makes each piece unique. The KASSL Editions lightweight coats feature original functional details and have a spacious fit. Finally, people have everything and nobody needs anything. But, who doesn't want a timeless, indestructible coat that will last a lifetime? Look, there’s our point.

A KASSL is made by people, for people.