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Benvenuto Pomandère! A lovely welcome to our new label Pomandère. Created by the talented young designer Carlo Zanuso, Pomandère is an Italian women’s clothing brand. Thanks to the designer’s great passion for fabrics and designs with details, the brand is all about soft, delicate clothing with carefully crafted and clean-cut lines. Modern and romantic in style with a touch of retro. Allowing to create a complete but flexible look on a day to day basis, by wearing it in different ways.

Also worth mentioning, wearing Pomandère you will set your own trends rather simply being an eager follower of them. Nice plus! You’ll be seeing gorgeous classic shirts, flowy silk skirts, minimalistic shaped jackets and soft trousers. We have created an edited selection from their collection, choosing their most beautiful and exciting pieces for you this coming season. And the following season. And the season after that. All in all, this could very well become your favourite brand.