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An accessory can make your outfit, but it has to be an unique one. soul-sister loves these little gems with great results, so we've made a fine selection for you. A special accessory gives your outfit a different vibe.

We select the most beautiful accessories from exclusive brands and just like our clothes, they are purchased with great care. The colours of the kyoto tango bracelets? They seamlessly match our clothing collections every season. We also love special, handmade jewellery, made of silver or gold; for instance, soul-sister has been a fan of Rotterdam based jewellery designer martine viergever for years already. We have scarves, in various designs and of course, made of high-quality fabrics. And if we discover a great sock brand we will certainly add the label to our designer list. We are a small team and know all the ins and outs.

We know the background of each brand, so we can advise you perfectly.

jewellery always fit

Jewellery: it comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. It is likely that the decoration of one’s own body is as old as mankind; the practice is truly universal.
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