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Granted, ‘Aiayu’ does not sound very Scandinavian. Yet the label was founded in Copenhagen in 2004 and has since then has managed to consistently combine many of the strengths of Scandinavian design: quality, sustainability, and an eye for detail. The name of the label was not chosen by its founders Maria Heilmann, Marie Worsaae, and Maria Glaesel, but by the employees of their workshop in Bolivia. It is a native word meaning ‘soul’. We think it quite apt, having seen the designs of their home collection (strongly recommended, by the way) and of their clothing collection. The knitwear is largely made from pure Bolivian llama wool. This type of wool is incredibly soft, exceptionally light and yet strong at the same time. The Aiayu cotton is organic and is acquired from India. In short, the entire clothing collection is made from the finest fabrics and produced responsibly in Bolivia, India, and Nepal. No intense prints or colours; all items match marvelously. And the Danish ladies themselves? They believe that fashion and sustainability can in fact go hand in hand, and we suspect they might be right...

Spotlight on Aiayu

The brand Aiayu has already acquired a large following. Deservedly so, for the label’s collections are nothing but high-grade, durable, and made from honestly produced fabrics.
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