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Skirts have been around for as long as people can remember and have hadsome interesting moments in history. They’ve been known to be almost impossible to wear to now being comfortable and practical pieces in our wardrobe. And we’ve not even considered the fashion aspect. These days skirts hold their won in your wardrobe; they are super feminine and incredibly versatile. Mini skirt, pencil skirt, maxi skirt or A-line – we have them all! Besides, all SOUL-SISTER skirts are chosen by us with much love and dedication. And during our photoshoots, we try on every single skirt. This way we really know what’s what and we can honestly guarantee our quality. Good to know – right?

Bellissima Barena Venezia

Italy calls to mind various associations. The country is best known for its rich culture and history, its delicious cuisine, the temperament of its people as well as their love for beautiful things. This last point holds good for Italian fashion, also, because Italians seem to possess an inner compass for elegance.
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