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so good to wear

So Good To Wear works on the basis of traditional craftsmanship from Nepal combined with Western design. The craftsmanship is in the knitting technique, the finishing and the colours with natural materials. The designs are minimalistic yet feminine, sometimes even a bit sexy, but always with a striking own signature.

Soft gold

The cashmere adventure of So Good To Wear began somewhat by accident. While travelling in Nepal, Fons Burger saw cashmere fluttering in the bushes, while the residents did not care. It is a valuable commodity, for a reason it is called soft gold', said Fons in a recent interview with a Dutch paper. Fons and Jacqui Burger are known as activist entrepreneurs and do not make compromises anymore. With their company GoodToGive, the Rotterdam duo has been helping start-ups in poor countries to develop fair trade products.

With their no nonsense mentality they managed to export a number of cashmere goats from Australia to Nepal. And to cross them on the spot with a breed that can survive at high altitudes. Result: a new breed with top quality cashmere. Why in Nepal? The Burgers wanted to breathe new life into the neglected cashmere industry and at the same time offer the residents of Ghorka (after a earthquake in 2015) some perspective. Now 22 people work in Nepal for fair living wages.

Not for profit

The brand So Good To Wear calls itself a not-for-profit label. They do want to make a profit, but they don't do everything for a profit. In addition, everyone who works for the brand is also co-owner. Anyway, they think it's time for international recognition and we think so too. It won't take long, because good deeds have good consequences.