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martine viergever

Small and sophisticated, that’s how best to describe the gems by Martine Viergever. SOUL-SISTER has been following this Dutch jewellery designer for a fair while now and we can tell you: everybody deserves a Viergever. What makes the jewellery designs by Martine Viergever particularly interesting is their use of everyday, functional objects. An ordinary rubber band is transformed into a high-quality bracelet after a luxurious dip in gold or silver, and don’t be surprised to find a hairpin or even a bread clip on a necklace. Every piece of jewellery is made from high-grade materials and by hand in the Rotterdam studio. Minimalism with a luxurious touch.

In addition to her own collections, Martine regularly cooperates with other designers and brands to create innovative and exclusive jewellery collections. Even more interestingly is that various Dutch museums have acquired and exposited her work.