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something familiar

We had agreed to meet on a Monday, by this Siriane - actually unforeseen - met the entire soul-sister team. After a brief tour, she displayed her beautiful, handmade jewelry on our desks. And then all that sounded were oh's and ah's.

Siriane Hunia graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and has been working in fashion ever since. In 2015, she launched her own jewellery label Something Familiar. The collection is ongoing and consists of mostly timeless items. All jewelry is handmade in the Netherlands, with high-quality materials. She likes raw and unpolished, but certainly doesn't shy away from the refined work either, combining unfettered silver with gold and occasionally experimenting with gemstones. On her website we read that she likes to explore material and basic form mainly by looking, but also by touching and experimenting. "Creating is like playing, concentrated but also unconditioned," Siriane says.

Besides designing and creating jewelry, Siriane can be found as a stylist and set designer on the (fashion) set. This is mainly where her conceptual and visual intelligence and sense of materiality come together. And when she is not at work, she travels around in her cool camper, the perfect recreation at the intersection of life, art and work.

'The more personal you make things, the more universal it becomes. Strange but true.' - Siriane Hunia