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monique van heist

'To make the world a better place, start with yourself' was Monique van Heists’ mantra and inspiration for starting a continuing collection of basic patterns in 2009. This turned out to be a great success. Monique tries to use a single pattern for as long as possible and looks for change in her use of fabrics. She prefers leather, soft silk and wool (in black, navy blue and grey). These designs are an interesting mix of a cool contemporary vibe with easy individuality.

We’ve had her famous leggings in our on-line collection for years and the ‘Don’ coat is another favourite we’ve seen return for a number of seasons. All this beauty and creativity comes from the most relaxed woman in the fashion industry. if anyone can dress a woman well, then it is definitely Monique van Heist!

Meet the designer MONIQUE VAN HEIST

One of our questions is answered as soon as Monique appears in the doorway: yessir, of course she wears her own design, at the very least one article every day. We must say that skirt Linda does indeed combine very well with a vintage, sleeveless T-shirt and some flip-flops. Quality casual! Once inside, the atmosphere is nothing but laid-back; flip-flops are dropped and glasses of water are filled.
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