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susan bijl

It all started in the year 2000. After completing her studies in Audio-visual Design, Susan Bijl decided that she wanted to go in a more creative direction. Whatever she may have lacked in natural affinity for fashion, she doubtlessly maked up for in effort. After much sketching and designing, she even sewed the first line of (200) bags herself. They were inspired by plain grocery bags and sold out immediately.

Indeed, as of writing, these easily foldable and surprisingly sturdy bags from Rotterdam have conquered the globe, having been dubbed the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the eco-bags. They are eye-catching, colourful, multifunctional, and above all durable. Bijl keeps it fresh by switching up the colour scheme yearly, because ‘the design remains the same, so you need to change it up occasionally and keep it fun’. Since her humble beginnings, Bijl has introduced all sorts of products and designs to the collection, such as backpacks, laptop bags and pouches. Anyway, we too have fallen for this cheerful bag collection. And good to know: tears and holes are repaired free of charge.