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karolin van loon

Belgian Karolin van Loon is a beloved jewellery designer. Her creations are recognisable by the mix of raw materials like 18 carat gold, agate stones and diamonds. Each piece is unique. The stones come from a mine in Mexico, the jewellery is made in a workshop in Belgium.

n 2020, her brand celebrated its fifth anniversary, with the introduction of a unique nail polish collection called 'Les Colours de la Terre'. 'Think of it as an ode to the beautiful colour palette of agate stones. I still look with wonder at these stones that were formed in our earth millions of years ago,' says Karolin.

The different natural shades of the nail polish match any wardrobe. Moreover, they are completely vegan, hypoallergenic and 8-free (a list of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde). The nail polish is shipped in a fabric pouch, the bottle itself nods to the natural shapes of her jewellery with its rounded corners.