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rue blanche

Minimalistic, clean and timeless? Then it must be from Belgium! Rue Blanche, a typical Belgian label, is well-known for its timeless and clean knit. The uncomplicated and smooth dressing tops made of soft and luxurious materials are easily combined with… you name it, everything! As you know, SOUL-SISTER has a preference for uncomplicated and clean cuts, but meanwhile we like our garment to be sensual as well. And Rue Blanche perfectly understands that combination as almost no other.

Marie-Chantal Regout, the designer behind Rue Blanche, approaches fashion with an unwrapped wink and asks us to combine her clean designs with other labels, and especially with many accessories. She challenges us to develop our own style and mainly for that reason Belgian Rue Blanche conquered a spot in our online store. From now on you don’t need to wander the streets of Belgium anymore in search of Rue Blanche, from now she is accommodated at SOUL-SISTER.