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yume yume

The Amsterdam based brand Yume Yume gives a nice twist to the classic slipper and fair is fair, in a very original way. Inspired by modern art, architecture and Japan, their flip-flops have a beautiful, futuristic look.

Yume is the Japanese word for dream: 'Yume is what you see while you sleep'. Well, how nice is it to keep dreaming? Very nice. Especially when you start the new day with a pair of comfortable Yume Yume flip-flops on your feet. Most Yume Yume sandals are based on traditional Japanese models.

The Xigy for example is a flip-flop that resembles the authentic Japanese Geta shoe. This is the distinctive Japanese high flip-flop that is worn to keep your feet dry in rainy weather. Geta shoes are traditionally made of wood, the Yume Yume version is made of rubber.

All Yume Yume slippers are made of high quality EVA rubber and vegan leather.