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Exclusive shoes

The words 'handmade' and 'exclusive' are very common in our online store. In this case, we’re probably talking about our shoe collection. Handmade and exclusive often go hand in hand with S O U L - S I S T E R. Take, for example, the exclusive collection by Officine Creative. The designers of this Italian shoe label have taken the word 'handmade' to a much higher level. Or try out the shoes by The Last Conspiracy. Scandinavian minimalism combined with Portuguese craftsmanship - you are so in for a treat!


S O U L - S I S T E R prefers items which are handcrafted, because handmade shoes often have the best fit, they’re unique and the makers use the best quality of leather. Our online collection of exclusive shoes is a one of a kind collection and that’s what you should expect from us.

The time is now

The present crisis is extraordinary and makes us rethink the way we live. These are uncertain times, for sure, but also times of opportunity. They teach us that we can live with less: we are buying less and purchasing fewer clothes. Those familiar with our motto will not be surprised to hear this; we have been a firm believer in choosing high-quality clothes which last a long time. As an online store this translates into carrying only those collections that are designed to last or are, even better, timeless and can be worn with pleasure for multiple seasons or years.
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