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can pep rey

‘Can Pep Rey’ isn’t exactly a straightforward brand name. To be honest, it took us a couple of tries to get the pronunciation even almost right, but this definitely does not take away the beauty and joy brought by their comfy designs. As it turns out, ‘Can Pep Rey’ is a reference to an old ‘finca’ on Ibiza. The label was founded in 2013 by two students named Maud van den Beussche and Paul Conradi.

The collection is best described as a blend of streetwear and couture, based on the ancient ideals of freedom, independence, and wellness. Sounds deep, so we’re glad to tell you more about their oversized basics. These have a so-called androgynous design; a blend of men’s and women’s design. The oversized basics are highly versatile and can be worn early in the morning but will look just as stylish in the evening. Ease and comfort are key.