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The sweaters and jumpers in the soul-sister online store are of high quality, and super comfortable. Our brands use beautiful materials, which ensures that your sweater or jumper will always feel good.

In most cases a sweater consists of a combination of several materials, such as cotton, polyester and viscose; such a combination guarantees a beautiful look and a long lifespan. We also LOVE soft merino wool and cashmere. The use of organic fibres is clearly on the rise, which means that we as an online store are gradually making a substantial contribution to a sustainable world.

Our collection of sweaters from for example Extreme Cashmere, So Good To Wear, Masscob, Hope Stockholm, Christian Wijnants en Rue Blanche is versatile and comfortable, and selected with love.

Hul le Kes made with love

They want real change within the fashion world, remodel the entrenched system. That's why everything at Hul le Kes is locally produced and why they use antique linen, discarded garments or overstock fabrics.
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