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We love brands with a story. Brands that believe in a sustainable direction and who preferably create continuous collections. Where quality, exclusivity and the use of beautiful materials are paramount.

Our blouses, T-shirts and luxury tops are selected with great care. We have personally seen, felt and tried on each top. Our preference is for beautiful, timeless items that add something to your wardrobe.


We choose our exclusive tops from brands like Xirena, Masscob, Barena Venezia, Monique van Heist and Christian Wijnants with heart and soul. Because let's face it, when you buy quality clothes that you have thought about, you don't need to buy clothes as often. Buy good things, own them a long time.

Hul le Kes made with love

They want real change within the fashion world, remodel the entrenched system. That's why everything at Hul le Kes is locally produced and why they use antique linen, discarded garments or overstock fabrics.
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