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Happiness is a dress, the Dutch fashion journalist Cécile Narinx once wrote. She could not have put it better, because a dress is a special garment indeed. A dress is no longer just an item to wear to a party or for a special occasion. Moreover, no garment is as feminine as a dress, no matter which style you choose. We select dresses from Christian Wijnants, Xirena, Hope Stockholm, Can Pep Rey, Rue Blanche and Barena Venezia.

At soul-sister you will find dresses in timeless designs and colours all year round, so that they really add something to your wardrobe. Discover the dress that makes your heart beat faster and cherish it for years to come. Buy good things, own them a long time.

meet the owner esther ausems

She is passionate about photography, mother of two boys, and meditates daily: Esther Ausems is the creative force and business savvy behind soul-sister.
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