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margaux lonnberg

Although her long blond hair may be thought to indicate a Scandinavian origin, Margaux Lonnberg was born in Paris. Her surname bespeaks her beautiful blend of roots: part French, part Danish, part Swedish, and part Finnish. The petite blonde (with no fewer than 18 tattoos!) is the daughter of a rock ‘n’ roll mother and an art dealer, and grew up in an artistically rich environment with culture, art, fashion, and music.

She is already famous as a style blogger when she launches her own fashion label in 2012. Her style proves successful as well as distinctive, being immediately referred to as the Lonnberg style: rebellious and romantic, all in monochrome tones. As an autodidact designer, she prefers to sketch her ideas and leave the final details to her team. Lonnberg mainly designs whatever she loves and would wear herself, drawing her inspiration from books, films, photography, and music. ‘I do not make fashion nor do I follow the trends. I create something lasting, especially for independent women whith a free spirit and soul.’ Who are we to refuse this?

Made in Paris (with love).