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She started out in the buying department of various fashion companies (first in Amsterdam, then in London), she lived in Singapore, and for 9 years she ran her own company, specializing in copywriting and social media management. Annemieke Staupe (1965) is married with two sons, fashion being her fourth love.

While clothes mattered little where she grew up, from a young age Annemieke was very much concerned with fashion. ‘I think I found my love for clothes at secondary school. Fashion mag-azines fascinated me to no end, and I would cut out the pictures to create fashion collages on the wallpaper of my bedroom. To the annoyance of my father, by the way.’ At age 21 Annemieke moved out to go ‘do something in fashion.’ For a few years she worked as an assistent buyer for numerous retailers in Amsterdam. In the middle of the ‘90s she moved, together with her husband, to London. ‘Remember that, back then, mobile phones were something for the happy few, job offers were only found in the paper, and we often kept contact with friends and family through the fax.’ In London Annemieke again found a job in the buying department of a fashion chain.


Fast forward, in 2014 she started doing freelance work as a writer for soul-sister. ‘Intended as a short-term thing, it grew into an extended collaboration.’

It began with short texts, interviews, and social media—and this went smoothly from the get go. One thing lead to another and after years of freelancing from home, the moment had arrived for a decisive next step.’

Starting in 2019 Annemieke worked fulltime for soul-sister. She continues to write most texts, manages the socials, and besides this is responsible for the customer service and the warehouse. 

'At soul-sister, we set high standards for our customer service. We are an accessible online store, we are there for our customers and we try to build a relationship. I like to give advice in an honest way, so the customer can enjoy a purchase longer and more consciously. Incidentally, these are the fine contact moments, you get to know the customer. It makes advising extra fun!'


Today Annemieke lives together with her husband under the smoke of Utrecht. Both her sons have long left the nest. In her sparetime, Annemieke likes to do Crossfit, run, read, and bake. She also takes an interest in art, owns a modest art collection, and likes to visit galleries, fairs, and museums. ‘Something more people should do is just go into a gallery. Just do it, because a gallery is important for the art world and there is a lot to see.' 

Her favourite museums are De Pont in Tilburg, the HEM in Zaandam, and the Noorbrabants museum in Den Bosch. ‘And at the top of my to-do list is the Museum Insel Hoimbroch in Neuss, Germany. It’s supposed to be the most beautiful natural park dotted with art works from differents ages and cultures.’

'At one point my husband and I were on the verge of taking over a gallery, but this fell through at the last moment.’  


She probably wouldn't have lasted long in the art world, because fashion just flows through her blood. She really enjoys it, stylishness. 'Sure, it's all about the so-called inside, but how you look and what you wear does matter. And that still intrigues me, from a young age actually.'

So she is what you call an old hand in the trade, and she has by now some ideas about life. And everyday she is happy and satisfied to be working in fashion. ‘Simple as can be. To quote the ‘Arnhemse’ Loesje: a fun job is half the work.’