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jewellery always fit

Jewellery: it comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. It is likely that the decoration of one’s own body is as old as mankind; the practice is truly universal.
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Bellissima Barena Venezia

Italy calls to mind various associations. The country is best known for its rich culture and history, its delicious cuisine, the temperament of its people as well as their love for beautiful things. This last point holds good for Italian fashion, also, because Italians seem to possess an inner compass for elegance.
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Christian Wijnants Authenticity and innovative

Christian Wijnants dreamed of a career in fashion as early as the age of 14. The Belgian designer was from an early age always inspired by clothes, people, movement and textiles. Nevertheless, he first studied Latin and mathematics in Brussels.
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Meet the team

Esther, Annemieke and Lize are the soul-sister team. Three women with love for fashion, who take care of the online store with heart and soul.
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Behind the scenes

When the new collections have only just hit our online store, we’re already busying ourselves with next season.
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Denim has been reinvented countless times over the years and the fabric has taken many different forms in between.Today there are numerous innovative materials available, yet denim remains one of the most popular fabrics.
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KASSL Editions

Suppose you are asked to look for a new, original coat for the modern woman and at almost the same time you become enamored with a vintage fishing jacket from a friend. Could be a coincidence, sure, but it's not.
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Hul le Kes made with love

They want real change within the fashion world, remodel the entrenched system. That's why everything at Hul le Kes is locally produced and why they use antique linen, discarded garments or overstock fabrics.
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Meet the designer monique van heist

Monique van Heist was already behind the sewing machine at the age of 8 and also wore her own designs as a child. That she would end up in fashion seemed at least obvious. 'But if I had known what fashion entails, I might have become a baker'.
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about soul-sister

soul-sister is an online store where we offer exclusive designer labels since 2011. Our collections are photographed by owner and founder Esther Ausems at the most extraordinary locations.
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meet the team annemieke

She once started in the buying department at various fashion companies in Amsterdam and London, had her own text agency for about 9 years and is now responsible for customer service, warehouse and social media at soul-sister.
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The mystery of the Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela was founded in Belgium in 1988 by Martin Margiela and Jenny Mereins. The label is known for its freedom in choosing its materials, and draws attention for its deconstructive and avant-garde designs
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meet the owner esther ausems

She is passionate about photography, mother of two boys, and gives healings: Esther Ausems is the creative force and business savvy behind soul-sister.
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HOPE year-round favourite

Experts know it, Hope designs definitely have an edge, yet are also timeless. Both the fit and the quality are consistently fine. In fact, once you start wearing pieces by Hope, you’ll be hooked.
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Spotlight on Aiayu

The brand Aiayu has already acquired a large following. Deservedly so, for the label’s collections are nothing but high-grade, durable, and made from honestly produced fabrics.
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