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Henry Moore (1898 - 1986) was one of the most important abstract sculptors of the 20th century and best known for his monumental abstract sculptures of human figures.

Moore felt a strong connection with nature, which is where he drew much of his inspiration. In his studio, for instance, he collected all kinds of objects such as bones, stones and driftwood. There are three main themes in his work: 'mother and child', 'reclining figure' and 'family'. The shapes of his later abstract sculptures are often pierced or contain hollow spaces.


Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen has a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the British sculptor in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation.

The exhibition of some 80 sculptures focuses on the influence of nature on his work and the development he went through as a craftsman sculptor. From 'direct carving' - sculpting without preparatory sketches - to sculptures executed in fibreglass and experimenting with casting bronze. The selected works show what effect the choice of materials had on the form, size and subject matter of his sculptures.


'In my opinion, everything, every shape, every bit of natural form, animals, people, pebbles, shells, anything you like are all things that can help you to make a sculpture.' - Henry Moore


Outside, seagulls fly, but when you step into the museum in Scheveningen it is suddenly quiet; Henry Moore's sculptures demand peace and attention. Especially in the abstract sculptures, Moore plays with form. Undulating lines flow into each other, with the inside suddenly merging into the outside. 

Moore is a master of materials. Wood carvings, plaster models, bronze sculptures, marble sculptures and all manner of stone sculptures: Moore is an all-rounder, seeking the material that best suits the form of his sculpture. And through the museum's concrete walls, Moore's sculptures still appear soft and natural. Step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a moment and go see this exposition (until 22 October 2023).