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Read: Lingerie and swimwear have nothing to do with fashion. It has to do with how women stand in life. Sounds like a wonderful starting point when buying a beautiful bra or a striking bathing suit. So we're talking about women who don't conform to the ideal of beauty that media and society impose on them. But women who want to show their bodies in a natural way, who don’t hide their femininity and accept themselves as they are.


For these women we are looking for exclusive bodywear: special bras, shirts, briefs and swimwear made with love by one of the Soul-sister brands. Items to spoil yourself. Not only when you buy them, but especially when you wear them.

monique van heist x soul-sister

'Success as a label or a designer does not depend on launching a whole new collection every six months', as Monique van Heist wondered back in 2012. For if anyone understands what is involved in increasing the lifespan of clothes, Monique does. The past few years she has experimented whether, how, and why people keep interest in the same pieces of clothing.
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