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Soul-sister likes to be inspired by art. Because looking at art has a certain influence on our own lives and therefore also on our online store. Art makes us think and shows us different perspectives. And this in turn leads to enthusiasm and new ideas that we apply to our collections and of course our photoshoots.

/ anni albers


Anni Albers (1899- 1994) was born Annelise Elsa Frieda Fleischmann in Berlin's upscale Charlottenburg district. She was very creative at an early age, and after some urging convinced her rather old-fashioned father to allow her to attend art school. In 1923, she entered the famed Bauhaus School in Berlin. There, she met Josef Albers - an 11-year-older student in the glass studio - and fell in love with him. They married three years later and would spend the next 50 years together creating art, teaching, writing and traveling.


Her early works (from the mid-1920s) were already characterized by her innovative approach to the weaving process, intertwining, as the Bauhaus encouraged, form and function, ease of production and formal experimentation. She combined weaving with hand weaving, reproducible geometric patterns and spontaneous decisions on the loom, and organic and synthetic materials. In short, Anni turned textiles into an art form and left an important legacy characterized by an energetic balance between history and innovation, abstraction and content, and between material and form.

In the 1960s, she shifted her focus to printmaking. Her first lithographs emerged in 1964, and then she explored other printing techniques such as screen printing. Like her weaving designs, Anni's prints are clear, balanced arrangements of geometric forms.