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Meet Klaartje, Inge and Sophie, the three young and ambitious designers behind studioRUIG. We all know the Shalom scarf, RUIG’s 'signature piece' - a comfortable leather scarf with chunky knitted lining.

But those little girls grew up, crawled in front of the sketching table and now create entire collections, time after time. In the meantime, their "tomboy" appearance which they started five years ago, has been replaced by a more feminine and business collection. Please don’t think business suits, because that is so not RUIG, or us. The girls remained themselves and every season they deliver a typical studioRUIG collection without ignoring their roots. The studioRUIG collection is characterized by their quirky, unique and wearable women's clothing, all made with special, preferably combined, fabrics. Wool with leather, high quality silk and jersey with leather, leather and lots more leather. Did we mention they use a lot of leather? studioRUIG loves leather and so do we! Why? Because it's unique, just like the quirky studioRUIG.

meet the designer studioRUIG

They were one of the first labels in our online store. We still recall how we we’re absolutely struck by their large Shalom shawl (a comfy wool and leather col). Since then, we have gotten more than familiar with the label and their collections. High time for a proper conversation over a cup of brew. So, on to Eindhoven.
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