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rika studios

Before launching her own label Rika Studios in 2005, Ulrika Lundgren travelled the world as a successful interior and fashion stylist. She was born in Sweden and now lives with her family in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

Under her label Rika Studios, Ulrika not only runs a clothing collection, but also a fashion magazine and two small boutiques. The brand is closely connected to Ulrika, her personal style and the inspiration she gains from like-minded women. 'I'm always inspired by the women around me; while designing I often think about their character and style. And how they would wear these clothes'.

The Rika Studios collections may look simple, but each garment is carefully constructed and made with the finest craftsmanship from high quality fabrics in Italian family ateliers. Many pieces are cut generously, with an oversized, sometimes even masculine silhouette. But always with a feminine fit. Ulrika has an exceptional eye for a wardrobe and also believes in collaborations, projects with artists and creative women around the world with shared visions. A beautiful approach that we, as soul-sister, can fully identify with.

Blaze shirt

The classic Blaze shirt is the centre piece of the Rika Studios wardrobe. The blouse has an oversized fit and is (proudly) handcrafted from certified organic poplin cotton in Italy.