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Re/Done was founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur and is for many years a favourite among fashion lovers engaged in upcycling. Its mission is to breathe new life into old Levi’s trousers, so to re-do them.

Hailing from California, the label takes the storied denim fabrics of vintage jeans and repurposes them with a fresh and modern fit: the frilled pockets, the ripped knees, the lines in the faded dye—each tells its own story in the new design. This has understandably garnered Re/Done a dedicated fanbase in the upcycling scene—and not just in Los Angeles, where the jeans are proudly produced with a minimum of harmful chemicals and water use. Numbers are limited: each pair of jeans is selected and tailored by hand. Turns out unique pieces can be quite sustainable! What’s not to like?