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jo gordon

Jo Gordon, born and raised in Scotland, was sixteen years old when she first came into contact with knitting. Apparently, her father’s knitted hat was in need of replacement. With assistance from a friend of her mother, Gordon made her first piece of knitwear and first happy customer. The first of many, in fact, for Gordon has been succesfully running her own knitwear company since 1995, with which her mother’s friend, Vilma, still helps out. Gordon ascribes much of the company’s success to her cooperation with people who share her passion for Scottish tradition and craftsmanship. The collections are still produced in Scottish wool factories, though Gordon herself now lives and works in London. While her designs are the result of playful experimentation with various vintage patterns and traditional knitting techniques, the striking colour combinations are simply a product of her mind, where she stores them like old recipes. Although she prefers wearing darker and more neutral tones, she consistently combines these with one of her own, brightly coloured shawls. As she puts it herself: ‘I love the flexibility that colour gives.’ We completely agree.