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Though based in Spain, Guanabana’s striking bags and espadrilles are made in Colombia, by the local Wayúu people. All items are handcrafted using traditional techniques from high-grade acryl and cotton. With this partnership, Guanabana contributes to the sustainability of the Wayúu artisans and by maintaining the beauty of Colombian folklore.

The Wayúu ladies draw their inspiration primarily from traditional hand techniques, thus producing the richness of the colours and the lively geometrical patterns. Fun fact: these techniques go back for centuries, are passed on from mother to daughtere and symbolise creativity and wisdom. By the way, the Guanabana espadrilles are manually sewn to the sturdy sole (made from a blend of jute and vulcanised rubber) in Spain, the home of the traditional espadrille. First-rate teamwork, if you ask us.