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citizens of humanity

Citizens of Humanity is a denim label founded in 2003 by Jerome Dahan in Los Angeles. Dahan is a man with a real vision and so his label is based on the idea of being a good citizen both personally and professionally. 'Social consciousness and luxury denim can indeed coexist,' says Dahan.

But what about sustainability? There has been a lot of criticism of denim producers for quite some time now, making a pair of jeans obviously guzzles water and energy and denim brands are feeling the pressure. But fortunately, the sustainability of the denim world is not standing still. Citizens of Humanity has made huge investments in advanced technologies for the production process of their jeans in recent years. For example, they naturally bleach the garments, use biodegradable stones for the washing process and they have developed a new system for recycled water.

In addition, they are a so-called vertically integrated company; all jeans are manufactured in their own sewing and laundry facilities in Los Angeles and Turkey. This gives the brand complete control over the quality of their products. And each pair of jeans is hand-inspected by a quality control specialist.

The Citizens of Humanity collection consists of various, often timeless styles and washes that will last for years. The fit is impeccable, you immediately feel the comfort.