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Fashion plays an important role in South Korea, though its is perhaps not something we pay much attention to. Many Western brands of course enjoy great popularity in South Korea — but in recent years an increasing number of homegrown brands are gaining track. Today Seoul is an interesting fashion metropolis in its own right, even boasting its own Seoul Fashion Week.

Korean brand Amomento began life in 2016 as a store in downtown Seoul. Founder and owner Lee Mee-Kyung possesses an acute sense for extraordinary modern collections, be they Korean, Western, or otherwise. The collections of her own Amomento are understated, timeless and sometimes even deserving to be called classic. The brand carefully selects high-grade and durable fabrics from Japan and Korea, and works closely with a highly capable manufacturer in Seoul.

‘We do not remember days, we remember moments' is the leitmotiv of Amomento. Showing gratitude for the small moments — a good way to look at things, we believe. Of course, being dressed in these fine items helps with that.