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Frippe Persso, Johni Tadi, and Stefan Söderberg have more than forty years of experience in the fashion industry between them, with their resumés filled by the likes of Acne, Levi’s, Wrangler, and Hope. For years, Söderberg was responsible for the denim designs of Acne and as co-founder of Hope he managed to create an original and striking brand. It is because of this experience rather than in spite of it, that the trio were able to identify the need for something new and progressive, a jeans label called Adnym Atelier.

The men care little for trends. Instead, they prefer to get inspired by the sundry contrasts between Beirut and Stockholm. The raw energy, shapes, and colours of the Lebanese capital are blended with Scandinavian minimalism to make up the brand’s unisex designs. A happy couple, because Adnym’s collection looks daringly progressive. The designers’ focus on denim coexists with their desire to continuously explore new fabrics, textures, and shapes. Challenging yet never pretentious.