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Being the globalists that we are, our most recent acquisitions hail from a number of different countries.


The clothes that currently fill our digital showroom, were purchased and photographed already months ago. And as you were able to read (and still can) in the story ‘This is how we do it’: whenever we are not busy with renewing our collections, we are on the look-out for new brands. We are rather picky, are not easily impressed and have a preference for exclusivity.


Exclusive clothing, this is what Soul-Sister represents. We are partial to laid-back designs, high wearability, and if possible a timeless look and feel. We do all our shopping in person, with much love and great dedication. One of the ways in which we ensure the quality of our products to ourselves and, of course, our customers.


Right, back to the new brands. Our search for potential new brands is quite the exercise. New designers are approached with the appropriate mixture of scepticism and open-mindedness. Some have an interesting story. This helps.


Being the globalists that we are, our most recent acquisitions hail from a number of different countries: Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, Los Angeles and even Australia have been added to our designer list. Though we of course continue to take great interest in new brands from our own country.



Time for a quick round of introductions. We’ll begin with the Dutch Fant, a creative and refreshing brand from the city of Arnhem, founded by Cecile Bleyenberg. In a world where nothing is a matter of course, this seasoned designer has achieved something admirable by combining a variety of worlds and cultural backgrounds into one FANT-astic brand.


Welcome Ssaar! In our busy world, this label from Rotterdam has consciously chosen for simplicity, sober silhouettes, and comfortable fabrics. Or, as Ssaar put it herself: ‘simplicity is not only powerful, but also beautiful’.

Margaux Lonnberg

On to Paris, where Margaux Lonnberg founded her own fashion brand in 2012. Former blogger now turned designer, she rejects the label ‘fashion’ and ignores the trends. ‘I mostly create what I, myself, think beautiful.’ Made in Paris (with love).

Barena Venezia

Fashion is part of the Italian make-up, and this applies doubly-so to the designers of the stylish Barena Venezia. Their designs are oh-so elegant, timeless, and highly tasteful – they may be described as serene.


The bags and espadrilles of Guanabana have to travel a long way to get here. All the brand’s items are handcrafted in the north of Colombia, by the local Wayúu people. An interesting collaboration this is!


Next stop Los Angeles, where designer Dierdre Roffoni (inspired by the Mediterranen lifestyle) primarily combines basic shapes with airy silhouettes and neutral prints for her label Xírena. 


Moving on to Sweden, where three designers with a load of experience (their resumés include names like Acne, Hope, Levi’s, and Wrangler) decided: let’s go for a new, progressive denim label. It’s called Adnym Atelier. Remember the name. Because Adnym’s collection is looking more than promising.

St Agni

The final stop on our trip ‘round the world is Australia. Byron Bay to be exact. The comfortable shoes by the brand St Agni are minimalistic, have a laid-back style and are handmade on Java. Add to this that these delightful shoes are rather good looking, and you have got the complete picture.




Spring 19 is a go!