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When the new collections have only just hit our online store, we’re already busying ourselves with next season.

That’s the way the fashion world works; the items that you can digitally admire now, were stocked and photographed six months ago. Not that surprising, if you think about it, because creating all this good stuff takes a while.


First off, we make sure we are ready to go as soon as the well-known fashion weeks have begun. We won’t beat about the bush – this continues to be quite a challenge. Yet, practice makes perfect. So we clear our head and try to focus on the new season with fresh eyes. Appointments with familiar agencies for viewing and buying the new collections are arranged as early as we can. The meantime we spend exploring all kinds of new brands. We can get ideas and inspiration from practically anywhere; from shows in Copenhagen or Paris to simple profiles on Instagram. 

During our trips of stock acquisition, we are at the same time on the hunt for appealing locations for future photoshoots. As of now, we have done shoots in a gallery, in a huge hangar, and even in a design apartment all the way on the 34th floor.



Likewise, we take much care in our choice of models. We prefer to cooperate with models who fit well with the soul-sister vibe and who can instantly communicate this in front of the camera. Behind the camera, by the way, are only passionate photographers who, like us, are only satisfied with the best possible.



Preparing a shoot is no small task, to say the least. All the sets and looks are thought out and designed ahead of time, the items are fitted, and a task division is made. In a meeting with the photographers we discuss the mood, colours, and background. After this, it is still necessary to get all the samples of the entire collection on the same location at the same time. During the shoot we style the sets ourselves, keep an eye on the hair and make-up of the models, and have a look over the photographer’s shoulder.



Nor should we forget to mention the additional team behind the scenes, which arranges the sets in the right order and ensures that after the shoot the samples are neatly returned (often the same day!) to their respective brands. And, all the while, we are managing customer service.



Though shoots are hard work, we love doing them. Even if each of us is completely beat afterwards. At best, we can just about muster the energy to get a quick drink. 


Following the shoot the process of image selection begins: the best pictures are selected, put online, and supplied with text. In short, the whole soul-sister team plays an instrumental role in managing this complex process. Indeed, we personally see, feel, and often try on each and every design that comes through. Meaning that, if you send us a mail or give us a call about an item, we really know what we are talking about.


So cheers then, on yet another fantastic collection!