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Those familiar with soul-sister know that we have been pursuing the motto 'buy good things, own them a long time' ever since we started.

Buy quality clothing and cherish them for years. Because when you buy quality clothing that you have thought about, you don't have to buy as often. In the end, better for your wallet and better for the environment.


For years, we have surrounded ourselves with brands that believe in a sustainable direction in fashion, such as Aiayu, Fant, So Good To Wear and KASSL Editions. Labels that create evolving collections, containing beautiful, timeless pieces. We now know that our customers enjoy their purchase longer and more consciously and also realise that by doing so they are making a positive impact on the environment. It is a mindset; dealing with fashion in a sustainable is also about investing in garments that you will be happy with for a very long time. 

slow fashion

We are selective in our collection; we focus more closely on timeless pieces, keeping smaller quantities to be able to keep renewing our collection. In this way, we create space for brands and designers who stand for craftsmanship, quality and authenticity. We give our collection time.

no sale

We intentionally do not participate in the phenomenon of sales and hope to contribute to a fair price. Because in our opinion, nobody is really happy with the semi-annual sale. Neither the designer, who see their beloved designs decrease in value. Nor us, being a small company. And certainly not the customer, who had quite consciously purchased that one beautiful garment a month earlier. At appropriate moments, we do offer 'special offers', beautiful items that can leave our online store for a lower price. Carefully selected by us, of course.


We also have our exclusive project encore, a selection of limited-edition outfits, composed of the last sizes of our collections. Special items that are still beautiful and timeless and 'encore' deserve a chance to be discovered. Each outfit is unique and available at a fair price.


We like to continue this sustainable path, hand in hand with our customer. In a more conscious way. A refined philosophy. We like to be the online store where there is time and space for collections with a great story and a long lifespan. We believe it can be different.