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Soul-sister likes to be inspired by art. Because looking at art has a certain influence on our own lives and therefore also on our online store. Art makes us think and shows us different perspectives. And this in turn leads to enthusiasm and new ideas that we apply to our collections and of course our photoshoots.

/ Jasper Krabbé


Jasper Krabbé's paintings reflect memories of places, events and individuals, gained during trips to Cuba, the South Pacific and New Zealand, among others. Dutch painter Krabbé began his artistic career on the streets: as the graffiti artist "Jaz," he was part of the Amsterdam collective USA (United Street Artists). In his drawings Jasper Krabbé often uses existing material, such as envelopes, wrapping paper and pages from books or encyclopedias. In all his versatility, the Dutch visual artist is above all a portraitist.


'I hope I continue to look at the world open-mindedly, like a child'