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It all began when the Swede, Alexander Stutterheim, found the old raincoat of his deceased grandfather in his abandoned shed. The raincoat which his grandfather wore in the sixties when he went fishing, read pure nostalgia. Beautiful memories were relived and Stutterheim decided to create a remake of this stylish raincoat. “Just one raincoat”, Alexander thought, but soon more fish were hooked and the whole village was wearing the black Stutterheim raincoat! And so the Stutterheim raincoat was born.

As special, simple though unique, as the Stutterheim family history is, so are these handmade raincoats. The Stutterheim raincoat is, as S O U L - S I S T E R would say, the ultimate raincoat, reliable, and yet oh so stylish. Walking stylishly in the rain now has a name - Stutterheim! And, although fish like to swim, a Stutterheim also feels perfectly at home on a dry and sunny day.