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st agni

The fact that slippers and sandals are not only comfortable but can also look great, is proven by the handmade shoes of St Agni. Since 2014 this Australian brand has been designing understated and minimalist sandals which, are made in an artisanal workshop on Java. ‘During our search for beautiful types of leather, we came across this workshop by chance,’ say Lara and Matt Fells, founders of the brand. ‘By now there are about 35 people working here, crafting sandals as well as bags from locally produced leather.’

They have clearly accomplished their mission of creating shoes which are comfortable, have a laid-back style, and at the same time go with practically every outfit. The Byron Bay duo was in no rush after founding their brand, foregoing elaborate marketing strategies and advertisements in favour of Instagram. An approach that has proved fruitful. After all haste makes waste...