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Levens Jewels was founded by Spanish actress Mar del Hoyo. After a 15-year career, during a trip around the Cote d'Azur, the former actress found a new way to materialize her creativity. Some time later and in homage to Levens, the French village where she made her first ceramic earrings, Levens Jewels was born.

Inspired by film, art and photography, the ideas come to life, with a singularity that comes from the imperfection of creation. Very surprisingly, the brand works with ceramics and glass. Not an everyday glass, but borosilicate glass. This is a stronger and lighter (in weight) type of glass, which is also more scratch resistant.

Levens is more of a family than a company. The team is formed by Mar del Hoyo and friends from her close circle. All jewelry is created and elaborated with great craftsmanship from her studio in Barcelona.