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barena venezia

Fashion is part of the fabric of Italian life. Which is why Italian brands share a passion for clothing. Barena Venezia is no exception. Founded in 1994 by designer Sandro Zara together with Massimo Pigozzo, the brand started out with men’s collections of timeless classics, made from exclusive fabrics and with great attention for detail. And from where did the name arise? Well, ‘barena’ is the Italian word for ‘sandbank’, which refers to the lagoons and swamps that used to (and to an extent still do) characterise the Venetian environment. Hunting, fishery, and agriculture were the ways of life of old. Barena strives to honour this regional heritage by creating clothing that is both beautiful and highly practical. The entire production takes place in Venice and the brand strictly uses fine wool, linen, and silk.

The women’s collection is a recent addition, credit for which may be given to the creative jack-of-all-trades (and daughter!) Francesca Zara. It was only after completing her languages studies and her years of travelling and working around the world that Francesca committed herself fully to the family company and, of course, fashion. Fortunately so. Like the men’s, the women’s collection combines historical heritage with unconventional and modern style. Her designs are simultaneously elegant, timeless, serene and just as a tasteful as Venice’s own term of endearment: ‘La Serenissima’.