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The present crisis is extraordinary and makes us rethink the way we live. These are uncertain times, for sure, but also times of opportunity.

They teach us that we can live with less: we are buying less and purchasing fewer clothes. Those familiar with our motto will not be surprised to hear this; we have been a firm believer in choosing high-quality clothes which last a long time. As an online store this translates into carrying only those collections that are designed to last or, even better, are timeless, and can be worn with pleasure for multiple seasons or years. 

Buy good things, own them a long time

Insiders in the world of fashion are anticipating a shift in our attitude towards fashion. And, to be frank, we think they are right. We expect that more and more people will go for high-quality, durable pieces that can be worn with pleasure for a long time. That this benefits the environment, hardly needs saying: less production means less transport means less pollution. We are more or less driven towards making more deliberate choices. Choices which are good for your own wardrobe, but which are ultimately also good for the world.

Capsule wardrobe

So we need timelessness and quality, and clothing that is also wearable throughout the year, if it is possible. If this sounds a tad too bland, consider what this means: you’ll be wearing just your absolute favourite pieces all year round, and your wardrobe will be well stocked with essentials that are almost permanently in vogue. How lovely must that be.

Naturally, this deliberate approach to clothing is not our invention. Already in the ‘70s a certain Susie Faux made headlines with the concept ‘capsule wardrobe’: a wardrobe consisting of a limited number of clothes that can easily be combined. The number can vary—ranging from ten to fifty. The key is to invest in a few quality pieces and complement these with some particular seasonal pieces which – it is important to note – must well combine with the existing ‘core’. The result is an ordered yet highly versatile wardrobe.


The key is to invest in a few quality pieces and complement these with some particular seasonal pieces. 


Again, we think it’s only natural that your new purchase adds something real and substantial to your wardrobe. Besides, minimalizing your wardrobe gives a certain calm and helps you better enjoy your clothing. So, ask yourself the question: what are the reasons why I want a capsule wardrobe? Imagine the result. Imagine how it would feel, a wardrobe of just favourites.

In our view, it’s all about high-quality clothing made from the best materials. Nothing in excess—but always the essentials! Other than that, we think there is no standard check-list for this kind of thing. However, in case you’re not quite sure how to get started, or if you are simply looking for inspiration, we made a selection of the best Soul-sister capsule items, so be sure to take a look. We hope that the thought of a wardrobe of only favourites will make you as happy as it makes us!