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Those familiar with soul-sister, know that we have been following our motto 'Buy good things, own them a long time' for years. Buy quality clothing and cherish them for years. Better for your wallet, better for the environment. But now we are taking it a step further.

Those familiar with soul-sister, know that we do not conform to the fast, overproducing fashion industry where collections rapidly follow each other. Ever since our foundation in 2010, our motto is 'Buy good things, own them a long time'. When you buy quality clothing that you have thought about, you don't have to buy as often. In the end, better for your wallet and better for the environment. 



Of course, for years we've surrounded ourselves with brands that believe in a sustainable direction in fashion. Labels like Monique van Heist, Extreme Cashmere and KASSL Editions. Labels that create evolving collections containing beautiful, timeless pieces. 

In addition, upcycle collaborations with Sansan and Redone have also proven themselves in our online store. Collections of unique, vintage pieces that are given a second lease of life.

We have experienced that our customers enjoy their purchase longer and more consciously, and also realise that by doing so, they are making a positive impact on the environment. We have come a long way together. We feel now is the right time to enhance that path.


Everyone knows, in this day and age, that we have to change our consumption behaviour. We feel the same way; in our semi-annual sale, we saw pieces in our warehouse that would suddenly be worth less, but which were still as beautiful and timeless as ever. It made us feel uncomfortable. We can no longer condone an unjustified sell-by date of a nice jacket or a good pair of boots.

We've also noticed, that actually, no one was really happy with markdowns. Neither the designer, who sees his/her beloved clothes drop in value, nor us, being a small company, and certainly not the customer, who had quite consciously purchased that one beautiful garment a month earlier.


What does this mean for soul-sister?

We're going to be more selective in our collection. Furthermore, we're going to focus more closely on timeless pieces, keeping smaller quantities to be able to keep renewing our collection. Plus, we would like to cooperate more with brands and designers that uphold craftsmanship, quality and authenticity.

In addition, we want to give our collection more time. This means that we will slowly step out of the regular sale season and offer reductions on selected items at appropiate times.

Finally, we have some fantastic new projects coming up. For example, we have launched encore; beautiful and timeless pieces, of which only the last sizes are available. 

So, this is how we will continue our path. In a more conscious way. A refined filosophy. And of course, hand in hand with our customer. We like to be the online store where there is time and space for collections with a great story and a long lifespan.