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It’s here! We are ready and prepared: our Soul-sister men’s collection is here.

Are we on thin ice? Maybe. But we are very keen to broaden our horizon, and the brave new world of men’s clothing is a logical next step. It is no easy step, we readily admit. For even if men are bigger online shoppers than women (we were surprised, too), if men cannot find what they are looking for they quickly lose interest.

Men are also more practically minded; they have a task and when they complete it, they are done. So much for the naked truth about the shopping behaviour of men, leaving us the honour (and challenge) to dress them. 

Style, simplicity and quality

Like our women's collections, we aim to fill our men’s collection with basic and laid-back designs that are easy to wear and have, if possible, a timeless look and feel. We focus on designs that are well put together, without unnecessary details and frills. Clothes that last a long time and so really add something to your wardrobe.

Starting out, we will mostly carry the men’s collections of our familiar women’s brands, such as Hope, Extreme Cashmere, Adnym, Moma, Can Pep Rey, Jo Gordon and Stutterheim. The Belgian label and newcomer 7d gets the privilege to get things started. We hope of course, to soon start adding leading men’s brands.


We are all aware of the impact (buying) clothes can have on the environment. Wearing a beautiful piece of clothing feels even better when you know that you are helping to create a sustainable world. So, invest in quality. By focusing on high quality garments that last a long time - and making responsible shopping easier - we hope to do our part. You’ll be able to enjoy your clothing for much longer, making them financially appealing as well.

Still, you may grow tired of a piece. If so, don’t throw it away but give it a second life by selling it or donating it to a charity or your local goodwill shop. Sustainability counts, which is why our motto is: 'buy good things, own them a long time'. 


‘Buy good things, own them a long time’

Fall/winter 2019

As we said before, we will strive for a timeless look and feel for our men’s collection. Fashionable yet understated items that have the potential to become the favourites of your wardrobe. Our newest addition is 7d, a Belgian clothing label perhaps best described as 'classically modern'.

Designer Philippe Poelman knows the tricks of the trade; his collections are made with traditional craftsmanship, from exceptional fabrics, with an expert’s eye for the finish. 7d makes men's clothing with a good story. As for the other men's brands on our list, rest assured that they will arrive in our collection this Fall with basic and laid-back designs, comfortable and easy to wear. Men, we now leave it to you: browse our online store and discover the beauty of contemporary men's clothing.