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Bananatime: the name alone evokes joy. Just as its founders, Naoyo Kawaguchi and Julia Mah, want it to.

Seems like a pretty good starting point for any label, and so a good reason for us to work together. Especially since the two ladies, besides both being joyful, combine for over three decades of experience in fashion. They are also dyed in the wool globetrotters, which is manifest from the influence of travel in the Bananatime collections.



The label hails from Amsterdam but was founded during a vacation to Hawaii in 2014 and began life with just one design: silk boxershorts. Over time a steady stream of new pieces emerged, each universal in its design and also unisex.


It will surprise nobody that the Kawaguchi and Mah draw much inspiration from travel, since this is the perfect way to maintain a healthy curiosity and attentiveness. During their own travels, they visit vintage markets, museums, and bookstores—though nature is also a persistent source of fresh insights.



Each Bananatime piece is made from durable, machine-washable silk, and invariably has a classic, timeless style, with once in a while a lively print. By now, the collection has been expanded with luxury blouses, trousers, jackets, and dresses. Each is capable of meeting whatever challenges the day may throw at it. Unparalleled comfort, quality, and even versatility meet here in an almost deceptively simple way.


Alright, but what is the story behind the funky name? It was inspired by the renowned and influential paper by the American sociologist Donald Francis Roy, which appeared in 1959 and was titled ‘Banana Time’. Roy describes (on the basis of his own experience) how industrial workers made their work more pleasant by having short breaks (such as a ‘banana time’) throughout the day to play games and have a chat. In other words, with Bananatime you’ll have a fun break from you daily rythm.

Good to know: each item from the Bananatime collection was designed to be worn with every other piece. An easy way to make your life simpler, but also more joyful—and that’s what really matters.