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Jeans have become an indispensable part of our lives; a street scene without jeans is now unthinkable. And to think that about 200 years ago the denim fabric was considered a typical fabric for workwear.
The birth

Historians are still undecided: did the denim fabric originate in France or in the United Kingdom? How the fabric is woven is clear though, it is a so-called twill weave where one colored thread and one white thread is always used. 

World's most iconic denim label is of course Levi's, they start in 1872 with custom-made pants made of heavy denim fabric, dyed with indigo. 

Work clothes

At the beginning of the 20th century, denim became the most popular fabric for work clothes of miners, cowboys, farmers and other workers in the United States. It wasn't until the 1940s that the U.S. military took their beloved denim pants overseas, and really from then on denim was only seen more as leisure wear. 


Denim has been reinvented countless times over the years, and the fabric has taken many different forms in between. Today there are numerous innovative materials available, yet denim remains one of the most popular fabrics. This is nice, because in terms of styling, you can go in any direction with jeans. Which apparently also makes shopping for a new pair of jeans difficult. But, we know all the fits and are happy to advise.


We like to surround ourselves with brands that believe in a sustainable course in fashion. Brands that make clothes where the process from design to purchase has as little effect as possible on the environment. Even with our jeans collections, we strive for just that little bit more sustainability, which is why we are very selective in our selection. That feels better.


Especially in the world of denim, people are increasingly looking for alternative ways to produce jeans. For example, Hope makes its jeans from GOTS cotton and Citizens of Humanity uses advanced technologies for the production process of their jeans. The label Re/Done reuses denim fabrics from jeans and renews them into a modern fit. These luxurious jeans are produced in Los Angeles with as little water and harmful chemicals as possible, but of course with great pride. Washing processes and the processing of jeans are thankfully becoming more innovative and less stressful. Fine progress!


Many of you know our motto 'buy good things, own them a long time'; above all, stick to that. For the purchase of jeans, we go a step further: buy once, wear forever.