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BANANATIME, saying the name out loud a couple of times is enough to put a small smile on your face. And if it doesn’t, their luxurious items will; each of these is suited for everyday wear, made from 100% silk, yet still washable without a problem.

The brand BANANATIME was founded in 2014 by the Japanese Naoyo Kawaguchi and Canadian Julia Mah. The two ladies worked as a merchandiser (for big jeans labels) in Amsterdam, became friends and one thing led to another. Not only do they both have much experience in fashion, they also like travelling and do so frequently. So they know how lovely it can be to have lightweight clothing that you can pack easily and can be worn to all sorts of occassions like the office and to a night out with friends.


In the beginning the collection contained only one design, yet slowly but surely it expanded with items such as loose-fitting trousers and blouses. The two friends do everytthing together and good to know: BANANATIME designs are all unisex. The beautiful graphic patterns are produced by freelance designers drawing inspiration from vintage prints, which Naoyo comes across all over the globe, like in vintage kimono stores in Japan. And as mentioned, all items have a relaxed fit, and are made from 100% silk (with a side jump to cashmere), and are machine-washable. 


But, as you were probably wondering, where did they get the name?

Well, it was the title of an influential publication in 1959 by the sociologist Donald Francis Roy.



This work describes how industrial labourers introduced short breaks, called banana-time, during which they would play games to make their work more enjoyable. In other words, we might say that BANANATIME equals a fun break from the monotony of life.