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We are happy to say that in the world of fashion there are more and more sustainable developments.

Much attention is now paid to the origins of clothing - from fabrics to factory. Yet this is only the beginning, because the goal is sustainable fashion which lasts a long time, has a small ecological footprint, and is produced in humane conditions. To repeat our Soul-sister motto: 'buy good things, own them a long time'.


The reuse of vintage clothing, currently on the rise, is a nice illustration of sustainable fahsion. No new resources and no extended production process. As easy as can be. 

Safe to say that we have been happy with the growing appreciation for vintage clothing. We believe second-hand items can sometimes be a good, sustainable alternative. 


‘Buy good things, own them a long time’


But: how to go about this? Well, in our case chance was willing to lend a hand. When Sandra Harmsen (the founder of Humanoid) came by to shop her favourite labels, she was dressed in an awesome azure blue overall, and we were immediately inspired.

Long story short, through Sandra we have managed to secure an exclusive collection of vintage workers’ clothes. Though she has bid her adieu to her former fashion world and has even moved to Ibiza, she clearly has not lost her ability to notice quality clothing when she sees it. This remarkable collection consists of items hand-picked by Sandra collected under the name S A N |S A N.


To be clear, these 'soul embedded findings' originate from Spain, date from the '50s-'60s, and besides numerous attractive details also have so-called signs of wear, such as holes and paint spatters. Not to worry; every piece has been washed! Each piece has been chosen for its uniqueness, the high quality of its fabric, and the artisanal finish. To underline the exclusivity of the items, each has been supplied with a special S A N | S A N stamp.

As is only right, the models, too, have been ‘hand-picked’ and come with their own history. In short, people with a story wearing clothes with a story. There’s little more vintage than that.



Sandra Harmsen is (together with Hans Boelens) the founder of the fashion company Humanoid. It were the fabulous 80's, fashionable you could be who you wanted to be and there was 'no future'. Entrepreneurship was also largely based on feeling and, as we all know, this has paid off.

Sandra nowadays spends her time on Ibiza. Though this doesn’t mean that that her love and passion for taste and style have extinguished. On the Spanish island she is busy with her 'soul embedded findings', 'dressing and wrapping' and 'plant based wellness' under the label S A N | S A N. 'I still follow my heart, but at this fase of my life I'm busy with other kind of activities as well', Sandra tells us during the shoot in Arnhem. Activities that are especially good for my own sake, but also for Mother Earth, animals and mankind'. In other words, ‘our’ Sandra is still as active as ever, but with a new attention to the needs of mind and body.



The two halves of designer couple Matthijs van Cruijsen and Ina Meijer met in 1998 during their studies in Amsterdam. Though used to life in the city, they nonetheless decided to move to the Dutch province of Friesland. From there the couple operates its architect studio INAMATT, designing beautiful residences and public buildings, such as offices, restaurants and stores.

But a designer worthy of the name will always try to push his or her boundaries. Thus it happened that on a chilly friday afternoon Matthijs posed in front of the Soul-sister lens, somewhat tense, though with a sort of manly calmth. Matt wore each vintage jumpsuit as well as the next and, as he could confirm, it felt just right.



Clothilde Alexandra Cruden simply breathes denim. In 2009 she  founds her own label, and at the same time starts her search for the ideal denim jeans. The resulting jeans are a straight hit (just like many of her other designs, by the way). By now the collection of C.Cruden is part and parcel of our online store, and we have a trusting and cordial relation with Sam herself.

As she had once already appeared in front of the Soul-sister camera, it was no surprise that she came down from her beloved Rotterdam to Arnhem with an upbeat 'been there done that' attitude (which she did not lose during the shoot). Sam wears the vintage jumpsuits, jackets, and trousers with a contemporary, feminine flair. 



Fashion aficionados might recognize Marjolein Wessels from the Humanoid store. With her years of experience it was never in doubt that she would become a familiar face in and around Arnhem. Marjolein takes what she describes as 'a deep vision of fashion', which means that she wants to stimulate people’s awareness of what they are buying. This vision finds expression in her current work for the fair-trade cashmere label So Good To Wear and Marjolein’s own initiative Temee: a start-up in coaching and training for the sustainable fashion industry. In short, a creative and sustainable jack-of-all-trades.