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You might be surprised to learn that the Chelsea boot has been going strong for quite a while now. In fact, the boot, with its well known elastic sides, dates from the age of Victoria and was only picked up by the fashion industry a hundred years later.

The year is 1851. Englishman J. Sparkes Hall, the shoemaker of Queen Victoria, acquires the patent for the type of shoe we know as the Chelsea boot. Its design was nothing revolutionary, but the elastic insets very much were. The story goes that Queen Victoria always wore the comfortable boots during here daily walk through the palace gardens. Smart lady! And reason enough for the upper class to wear the boots.


How did the Chelsea boot get its name?

In 1950s Britain, the Chelsea boot was immensely popular among musicians, artists and directors. Many of these creatives congregated in Chelsea. It has been convincingly suggested that the boots take their name from this quarter in West London. But it was only once the Beatles got ahold of them, that the star of the Chelsea boots really started to shine.



The design of the Chelsea boot has had its fair share of adaptations as well as material and colour variation throughout the years, but the basics have not changed since the 19th century. It is in part thanks to this history that the design is still appreciated as a beautiful, classic basic. Another plus: the boots are easy to slip on and go well with practically everything. We suspect Queen Victoria knew as much 150 years ago.